A delightfully fun and endearing underdog sports story. The likes of Dr. Spankenstein, Maulin’ Brando and Abe Drinikin’ want nothing more than to be taken seriously by their roller girl heroes. In their quest for respect they face jeering crowds, serious injury and derision from their idols. 

Offering a behind the scenes look into the intense subculture that is modern day roller derby This Is How I Roll also poses some important questions. What makes a sport legitimate? Who owns it? Who gets to play? And does the athlete’s gender matter when we talk about the answers?

Starting in 2008 when there were only a handful of men’s teams in the country, the filmmakers chart the rocky journey of men’s roller derby across the northeast and eventually, the whole country. The fans don’t know if they want them there; some members of women’s derby are sure they don’t. Alternately hilarious and thought provoking, the film follows the men as they fight to move from being seen as a joke to being taken seriously, without ever taking themselves too seriously.


Featured Skaters


Patrick Bateman, New York Shock Exchange

Maulin’ Brando, New York Shock Exchange

Val Capone, Windy City Rollers

Abe Drinkin’, New York Shock Exchange

Suzy Hotrod, Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Davy Jones, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby

Jonathan R, New York Shock Exchange

Rollin’ Redshirt, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby

Dr. Spankenstein, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby

Bonnie Thunders, Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Miss Trial, MRDA and WFTDA Referee 

The Harm City Homicide, The Connecticut Death Quads,Billie Brawliday, Sin Diesel, Bazooka Joe, Ladies Knight, Justice Feelgood Marshall, Bloody Mary, Jurasskick Park, Quadzilla, Mr. Rawk, The Rev, Virginia Slim